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About Us

We love our tribe!

I know all salons say that, but we really do love and support each other. We are individuals businesses but we are still a team. We are a fun group that enjoys doing creative things like pumpkin contests, or dress up days. But when it come to hair we are very professional.  ​ We value education, work ethic, and our culture.  Amy is picky who she lets in because we are like a family and work from the stylists must be what clients expect from Cerise.  ​ Amy does her best to respect her stylists and their own business, while supporting them and helping them to grow, both is clientele and skills

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3 Steps to Apply for a Chair

We now have space for full time or part time rental

Fill out application and send resume.

Do an audition day.

Come in and

talk with Amy

Chair Rental Application

Thanks for submitting!


How Much is Rent?

Rent is paid weekly  based on how many days per week. Currently is $85/per day.  Due every Thursday.

What is Included With Rent?

Basic amenities:

  • Chair/station for use on days contracted for (someone may use chair on other days)

  • Storage for color, and tools

  • Backbar products for shampooing and styling

  • Vagaro online booking system

  • Business cards and Menus

  • Towels, Drapes and Smocks

  • Snacks and beverages for you and clients

  • Retail Commission Credits toward rent

Makeup by Lesley

What is the audition day?

The audition day is a half day where you test us out, to see if we are a good fit for you, and vice versa. 

We will want to see your specialities, what you do most, what you love to do. In other words your target market. We also want to see a classic Vidal Sassoon Bob. We want to see your skills. 

Do you have a chair available ?

not at this time but you can join the waitlist

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