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1 year program taking you from School to Master

This is for licensed cosmetologists or Barbers. After finishing your 1600/1500 hours, do you feel ready? Do you want more? This program will get you there. 

1 day a week you will have class. Each class day you will have theory and models in Vidal Sassoon Method Cutting, American Board of Certified Colorist Curriculum, Perming, 

Extensions, and more.  You will have written and practical test along the way. Starting with styling, communicating with clients, and booking. Ending in advanced cutting and color services.

The other days you will be assisting the stylists. Your duties would include sweeping, cleaning, checking out clients, shampooing. As you start pass tests you will start doing more with clients. By the end you will be confidently working solo on your own clients and building a dream clientele 


By the end of the program averaging 1 year you will have an opportunity to have a chair in the salon.


Do you want to jump right in? To get paid while you learn? 

The Apprentice program is similar to the Assistant program but it is your beauty school and assisting in one. We start with the basics and end with the advanced.

There is a lot to this program. If you want more information, please email me at

We are currently looking for one assistant or apprentice. We will be hiring in April 2022.

If you do not want to wait for the education and you are licensed you can attend our Foundations Course.

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Assistant Job Description

  1. Responsibilities

    1. Helping stylists with clients

    2. Shampooing 

    3. Answering phones

    4. Booking appointments

    5. Checking out clients

    6. Towels

    7. Cleaning

    8. Attending classes

  2. Company mission

    1. To grow Stylists, Clients, and the Community Through training emerging talent, expert listening skills and connecting with where they are so that Confidence grows in everyone who Cerise impacts

  3. Vision

    1. To Train and Grow 6 figure hairdressers, who live a true wealthy life, That can help grow the confidence of their clients and community through expert listening, expert skills, and a nurturing spirit.

  4. Values

    1. Growth Minded learning

    2. Professionalism

    3. Support of the team

    4. Respect for individuality

    5. Time Wealth and Family First

    6. Customer Experience

  5. Requirements/Skills

    1. Enrolled in apprentice sponsor school

    2. Customer Service experience 

    3. Listening skills

    4. Open to learning

  6. Compensation

    1. $14/hr

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