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Audrey Lauck

Applying Makeup

Audrey Lauck
Lash Artist 
Junior Assistant


At Cerise Salon, We are always striving for excellence. That starts at the beginning

Audrey is a licensed Cosmetologist. Assistants have been through beauty school and have past the California State Board Exam. Audrey went on to assist in another top salon in Folsom. Where she learned Lashes extensions and lived in Blonding.  She has made the decision to further her education with us here at Cerise Salon to help round out her knowledge in all aspects of cosmetology. 

Assistant Class Menu


Shampoo Blowdry--------$40


Highlights---------------$55 (in class only)

Haircuts----------------$25 (in class only)

Waxing -----------------$20


Class days are on Monday

Lash Menu


Classic Full Set (2.5hrs) ------------$125

Classic Fill (1hr) -------------------$60

Hybrid Full Set (3 hrs)-------------$145

Hybrid Fill (1hr) -------------------$70

Volume Full Set (3 hrs)------------ $165

Volume Fill (1 hr)------------------$80

Audrey takes color and lash clients on Wednesday

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