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Welcome to Cerise Salon! We are very pleased that you are interested in our team.  In our salon, we derive success from teamwork. Success comes through education, as techniques change, as products improve, as new services are introduced, we will be prepared through education to satisfy the new demands of our clients, thus ensuring our successful position in the future. Our philosophy is geared toward future growth and security through teamwork, education, fulfillment and change. We assure that we will continue to thrive as individuals and as a business.


But First my Why . . .,

I chose to open Cerise Because I love this industry. I love to grow new stylists teaching them all the skills they need to succeed in this business, From Blowdrying to Business skills.


To grow Stylists, Clients, and the Community Through training emerging talent, expert listening skills and connecting with where they are so that Confidence grows in everyone who Cerise impacts


To Train and Grow 6 figure hairdressers, who live a truly wealthy life, That can help grow the confidence of their clients and community through expert listening, expert skills, and a nurturing spirit.

Cerise Career Path


Learning the skills of the trade.1-2 year intensive training. With possibility of chair at the conclusion.

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Junior stylist and Senior stylist. Taking classes and clients.

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& Mentor

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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