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Looking for
Talented Hairstylists
to join our salon Team

  1. Company mission

    1. To grow Stylists, Clients, and the Community Through training emerging talent, expert listening skills and connecting with where they are so that Confidence grows in everyone who Cerise impacts

  2. Vision

    1. To Train and Grow 6 figure hairdressers, who live a true wealthy life, That can help grow the confidence of their clients and community through expert listening, expert skills, and a nurturing spirit.

  3. Values

    1. Growth Minded learning

    2. Professionalism

    3. Support of the team

    4. Respect for individuality

    5. Time Wealth and Family First

    6. Customer Experience

  4. Requirements/Skills

    1. Cosmetology/Barber License​

    2. Previous assisting program completed or 3 years Stylist experience

    3. Precision Cutting Skills

    4. Hair Color Skills

    5. Listening Skills

    6. Customer Service Experience 

  5. Compensation

    1. $15.50/hr

    2. 45% commission on service dollars over $5000

    3. 20% commission on retail sales

    4. 401 K matching

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Benefits of employee status

  • steady pay while building a clientele

    • hourly wage with or without clients​

  • Color and supplies provided

    • no need to worry about ordering or inventory​

    • We use Alfa Parf color line and I keep everything in stock

    • when you go home you are home

  • Business Building

  • 401K

  • Liability insurance

  • Education

  • Taxes taken out of pay check

    • no need to save for taxes it will be taken out and paid.​

  • paying into unemployment and disability 

    •  the benefit of if our industry shuts down again you will receive unemployment

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