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 At Cerise Salon, education and furthering our knowledge in our field is a top priority. Training and certifying our lash team is an ongoing task. Jenna Noelle saw a great need in the Sacramento area for professional and knowledgeable training. With the opening of Lash Class Sacramento inside Cerise Salon she has accomplished that goal. She has been certified and trained from the top lash companies, doing serious research before choosing which companies to work with. And then passes that knowledge on to our team of lash artists and her students. All companies we partner with are US companies and produce their products in house in the US. They are also FDA regulated. There is no “cheap stuff” going on here! We also are very animal conscience and only use faux mink products. No one wants mink butt hair on their eyes right!? It is extremely cruel to the poor mink AND the product is actually so much better and more price conscious in the long run; not losing its curl, shape or color. Plus, no possible animal allergy reactions! Jenna has been certified and only uses Nova Lash, LashBox LA, Lash Stuff, Elebanna, eXtreme Lashes and Bella Lash in Classic lashing, Mega Volume, London Volume as well as Lash Lifts or perms. Our lash artists also only use these products and go through the same training in house with Jenna and Lash Class Sacramento... and more! 


often times what people start out with and is the foundation to all lashing. It is one single eyelash applied to one single natural lash individually. Classic lashes, like ALL lashes come in various sizes, lengths and curls. Classic sets and range from extremely natural looking to dramatic long and wispy!

light volume

usually ultra fine lashes made into handmade fans (no premade fans here!) These fans are applied individually to one single natural lash. Light volume tends to have better retention than classic due to the wrapping technique used in the application.


are a combination of classic and volume lashing techniques. The look is usually more of a wispy look.

Mega volume

or London Volume is the most dramatic look and also best retention. Ultra light .03mm lashes are made into handmade fans of 8-15 lashes. 15 of these lashes weigh the same as ONE classic lash. So, although these lash sets are ultra full, fluffy and dense they feel the same! Like nothing!

Lash Lifts

or Perms are a perming process done to the natural lash to create a curl effect that lasts up to 6-8 weeks. Perfect for someone just looking for a little lift. (Perms do not add length, density or color) 


What to expect

You can expect to never go back to natural lashes again! Having lash extensions will not only save you time on your daily routine but it also will have you waking up looking ready for the day. It’s amazing how much it will change your beauty routine. Often times women end up wearing less and less makeup because they already feel “done”. 


Does it hurt? 

NO! Nothing should hurt when done properly. Most clients end up falling asleep, which we call a Lash Nap! Or we have Lash Therapy and chat. 


How long does they last?

Lashes are in need of regular maintenance due to our natural growth cycle. Lash extensions (for the most part) are falling OUT with our natural lashes. As your natural lashes fall out at the end of our growth cycle a new lash grows in its place. When it is time for your fill an extension is placed on the new natural lash that has grown in. Your stylist will also remove some lash extensions that have grown out but not fallen out yet and move them down to the base again. Generally people are in need of a fill every 2 to 4 weeks.


 Can I get them wet?

Yes!!!!! Of course you can! (Usually after 24 hours) You should wash your lashes daily for your own eye health as well as retention! If a lash artist is telling you “don’t wash your lashes” RUUUNNNN! Bacteria can build up, styes can form, lash mites can become infested! WASH YOUR LASHES!


Will they ruin my natural lashes?

When lash extensions are applied properly there is no damage done to your natural lash. You cannot even feel them! Lashes are applied to one single natural lash. Nothing is glued together to interrupt the growth cycle. Nothing is glued or touching your skin either. Extensions are ONLY glued to one individual eyelash and that eyelash naturally grows and falls out leaving a new lash in its place every 6 weeks. People experience damage when they are not applied properly and are glued together. Don’t go for cheap!


Can I use my regular products and makeup?

This depends on what type of adhesive is being used. With Nova Lash you can use virtually anything. Some other adhesives recommend not using oil based products though. We carry a variety of products in the salon that are lash safe though!


    You should make an appointment to have your fill done every 2 to 3 weeks generally. Most of our stylists pre book their clients and some of our clients book standing appointments to make it easier for them. It is recommended that you do not shower, exercise, or steam the first 24 hours after your appointments. Some adhesives also require that you not use oil based products on or around the eye. You still should be washing your lashes daily! We carry a variety of products in the salon made for your lash extensions. From wash to serums to makeup! You should speak to your individual stylist about what their aftercare instructions are as different adhesives have different rules. Nova Lash is one of the adhesives we use that is OIL PROOF and also immediately waterproof!

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